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WGF Archival Collections - Writers

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NOTE: In addition to writers, the index above may include producers, directors, executives, WGA staff and other industry professionals who
have materials in the collections. If you are unable to locate a writer in the listing, materials may be part of other collections or unprocessed.
Please contact the WGF Archive for more information.


Dales, Arthur
Darabont, Frank
Davidson, David
Davies, Valentine
Davis, Madelyn Pugh
De Luca SEE DeLuca, Rudy
DeBlasio, Edward
DeGuere, Jr., Philip
DeLuca, Rudy
Dennis, Robert C.
Diamond, I. A. L.
Diamond, Selma
Disney, Doris Miles
Dixon, Leslie
Dmytryk, Edward
Doherty, James
Doran, Phil
Duff, James
Dunne, Philip
Durkee, F. W.