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WGF Archival Collections - Writers

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NOTE: In addition to writers, the index above may include producers, directors, executives, WGA staff and other industry professionals who
have materials in the collections. If you are unable to locate a writer in the listing, materials may be part of other collections or unprocessed.
Please contact the WGF Archive for more information.


Farley, Bill
Farr, Gordon
Faye, Herbie
Feldman, Marty
Felton, Earl
Felton, Norman
Ferro, Jeffrey
Fielder, Pat
Fisher, Michael
Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Fleischman, Sid
Foote, Horton
Foreman, Carl
Foster, George
Frank, Harriet
Frank, Melvin
Frank, Melvin
Frank, Scott
Freeman, Leonard
Friedkin, David
Friedman, Ron
Fury, David