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WGF Archival Collections - Writers

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NOTE: In addition to writers, the index above may include producers, directors, executives, WGA staff and other industry professionals who
have materials in the collections. If you are unable to locate a writer in the listing, materials may be part of other collections or unprocessed.
Please contact the WGF Archive for more information.


Lachman, Mort
Lang, Fritz
Lardner, Ring
Latham, Lynn Marie
Lavery, Emmet
Lawson, John Howard
Lear, Norman
Lechowick, Bernard
Leeds, Howard
Lehman, Ernest
Lennart, Isobel
Lennon, Jonell
Leshner, Marty
Levien, Sonya
Levine, Laura
Levinson, Barry
Levinson, William G.
Levitt, Alfred L.
Lewis, Jerry
Lilly, Courtney
Lindsay, Kathleen
Lindsay, Robert Howard
Link, William
Lloyd, David
Lloyd, Jack
Lucas, George
Ludwig, William