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WGF Archival Collections - Writers

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NOTE: In addition to writers, the index above may include producers, directors, executives, WGA staff and other industry professionals who
have materials in the collections. If you are unable to locate a writer in the listing, materials may be part of other collections or unprocessed.
Please contact the WGF Archive for more information.


Maggenti, Maria
Mahin, John Lee
Malick, Terrence
Maltz, Albert
Mamet, David
Mandel, Alan
Mandel, Babaloo
Mandel, Loring
Manings, Allan
Mankiewicz, Don
Mankiewicz, Joseph L.
Manulis, Martin
Marion, Frances
Markes, Larry
Marlowe, Andrew W.
Marmer, Mike
Marshall, Garry
Masselink, Ben
Matheson, Christian L.
Mazursky, Paul
McCall, Mary C.
McGreevey, John
McMahon, Jenna
Melvoin, Jeff
Merrill, Howard
Meyerson, Peter
Milch, David
Milius, John
Miller, Terri Edda
Milligan, Spike
Mills, Robert L.
Mitchell, Bob
Mitchell, Esther
Moessinger, David
Molyneux, Lizzie
Molyneux, Wendy
Monash, Paul
Monteith, Kelly
Monterastelli, Art
Moore, Joan
Moore, Ronald D.
Morgan, Byron
Morrow, Bill
Moser, James
Moskowitz, Alan
Mula, Frank
Mulholland, Jim
Muntner, Simon